> IN this site you will find some information about my current physics research, art activities and main interests. Designing the page in free time, expect updates now and then! Everyone welcome.

> ART! Something I really love, both watching and doing. Here you can find a selection of my works as well as some links to interesing material around the web. Always opened to collaboration or new projects, drop a message if u have any idea!

> WE are not mad! Physicists can wear cool and modern stuff instead of thick glasses, listen to rap or rock instead of classical music and dance in techno festivals and discos all night long rather than playing Tetris. Some information about my past and present Physics work is presented here, as well as interesting links around the www!

> IT IS NOT all about Art and Physics so have a look, oh-my-god some of the following things might be interesting!

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Someone Said...

'A ser así no se te enseña en el colegio...'

Selecting some words that got my attention, made me think.




> ARTWORKS: Selection of past and present works grouped under few categories. Have a look and drop any comment, idea, like or dislike! Always nice to get people's opinion and learn something new. Prints of my works are available upon request, as well as custom t-shirts or canvas artwork.

  • GALLERY 1 | CUADERNO I&II - Works on paper, ink and markers. 2005 - Present >open
  • GALLERY 2 | CARTOON/VARIOUS - Cartoon style and mixed. 90s - Present >open
  • GALLERY 3 | GRAFFITI - Into graffiti since early years, some works presented. 90s - Present >open
  • GALLERY 4 | TATOO - Designing tatoos for friends in free time now and then! 2000 - Present >open
  • GALLERY 5 | TEXTILE - Sketching, drawing and painting T-shirts, hoodies, bags. Brush + airbrush. 90s - Present >open


> COLLABORATIONS/COMMISSIONS: Projects or ideas with/for some great people out there.

  • ALL STAR DANCE ACADEMY (ASDA) - Mural, November 2013
    Design of a full-wall mural for All Star Dance Academy in Bethany, Oregon. Great people with passion for dance and professional classes, amazing experience and collaboration!! If you happen to go around Portland don't forget to come and say hi to the crew, check the gallery here: >open
  • THE TIMES HOSTEL - Mural 2, Oct/Nov 2010
    New mural commission for the The Times hostel in Dublin (Camden Place branch). Black and white mural artwork. If you don't want to miss any detail you'd better visit the place and check yourself! >open
  • SOUTH WILLIAM BAR - Mural, June 2010
    Mural commission for the South William bar in Dublin. Great staff, tunes, drinks and atmosphere... If you don't know this place, you'd better check it up! >open
  • THE TIMES HOSTEL - Mural 1, June 2010
    Mural commission for the The Times hostel in Dublin (Camden Place branch). If you or your mates need to stay in Dublin for a few days, this is a great place. Friendly and professional staff, central location >open
  • ECKO UNLIMITED ART BATTLE 2009 - Competition
    Winner artwork for the worldwide art competition launched by Ecko Unlimited, design to be featured in a limited edition within the summer 2010 collection. Check the list of international winners and artworks >open (cached page)
  • TRINITY COLLEGE DUBLIN, Published works - 2007/08/09
    > GOLDFISH | Comedy Society magazine. Helping the guys with their 2008 laughing work, comic strip >open and cartoon >open
    > COLLEGE GREEN | Literary and Visual Arts Journal of the Graduate Student's Union. Selected work published in 2007 and 2009:
    "WARTIME" >open "ORDER" >open "TWIST" >open
  • XBOX 360 Graphics design - Ongoing
    Graphics design for a chinese chess videogame, currently developing and testing in free time. In collaboration with Maads & Anders Haar (programmers), check one screenshot >open
  • IL CAFFE DI NAPOLI Cafe/Restaurant, illustration commission - 2009
    Illustration designs for the menu/delivery boxes of this very good quality Italian Cafe and Restaurant in Dublin (plus really friendly staff! Check one example here >open
  • SEED DATING 2008: "An Excited State"
    Proposal for an installation mixing Art and Science, lasers and sculptures, in collaboration with irish artist Fifi Smith. Selected during the SEED DATING event organized by the former SEED group during the festival LIGHTWAVE 2008 for the opening of the Science Gallery in Dublin [pictures to be added]

> EXHIBITIONS: A list of solo/group exhibitions I have taken part.

Solo exhibitions

2010/2011 (Jul-Aug/Apr-May) - The Times hostel (Camden Place branch). Selection of fine quality prints. Dublin, Ireland.

Group exhibitions
2011 - JamArt Factory. New art gallery/design shop in Dublin, Patrick street. Selected artworks and prints on display in this new creative space. Great staff and art, recommended!
2009 (8-10 Dec) - Oisin Gallery. "The Trinity Exhibition", a showcase of artworks by the staff and students of Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.
2009 (25 Jun) - The Bernard Shaw pub. "Cheap Art Night", quality urban artworks at low prices. Dublin, Ireland.
2009 (3-25 Apr) - APW Gallery. "Sketch It Out", international exhibition featuring small works on paper. New York, USA.

2004 (Apr) - The Nymble. Urban/graffiti artworks exhibited during a concert/event at the KTH Institute of Technology Student Union house. Stockholm, Sweden.


> EXTRA: 3D Online Gallery

Testing the new 3D Gallery project, initial images uploaded. Explore with arrows or mouse, click on each picture to get full view [get Shockwave here and install if you can't see the gallery properly. Be patient, it takes some time to upload!!].


> SCIENCE bit! Here is some information about my Physics background, including the different institutions I have stayed/worked in and the type of work involved.


  • Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), Faculty of Physics >go
    Five years, MsC degree

  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm >go
    One year, Erasmus Mundus European programme. MsC degree

  • Warsaw University of Technology (WUT), Faculty of Physics >go
    Five months research period, Solid State Ionics group
    European programme (Centre for Photonic Materials and Prospective Applications)

  • Institute of Electron Technology (ITE), Warsaw >go
    One month research period, Optical Spectroscopy group
    European programme (Centre of Excellence for Photonic Microstructures)
  • School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin >go
    Semiconductor Photonics Group, PhD thesis: "Investigation of Gas Sensing and Diode Laser Frequency Stabilisation Using Novel Photonic Microstructures"

Experimental work during the PhD was carried out using Photonic Bandgap Fibres (here you can find some nice online material about it) and Optical Microspheres along with semiconductor diode lasers operating in the 1.5 um spectral region. In addition, my research experience includes extensive student tutoring and laboratory demonstration at both undergraduate/graduate levels.


> SOME LINKS to external pages related to my work or just interesting!



  • Artist Portfolio -- Community of artists, online portfolio >go
  • Saatchi Gallery London -- Personal online space at the Saatchi Gallery of Contemporary Art, London >go
  • Graffiti Worldwide -- Graffiti from all over the world? Check this out. My works in section Spain / Various Cities / Pages 5 & 13 >go
  • Artists-United.com -- International gallery/printing project. Involving international artists, online canvas/limited edition prints >go
  • Desgarrarte -- Collective of artists based in Madrid, starting an online magazine/art discussion forum based on personal works. Come and take part! >>



  • PhysOrg: The guys do a good job and keep the Physics world updated >go
  • Want music? 365online and Shoutcast radios to hear, Allmusic.com to read.
  • Want software? Loads for free, the people at Softonic do a great job.
  • Want things for free? Yeah, its all about recycling! Check these two Irish websites 1 & 2!


Will update the list now and then, designing the whole website in free time!! THAT'S ALL, FOLKS!!!

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